After installing OSX Yosemite on my MacBook unfortunately kerio stop working and I get message The Kerio VPN Client Service is not running, here is solution:
You have two options how to avoid this problem:

  • Install Kerio Control VPN Client 8.4.0.
  • Use clear installation instead of upgrade:
    • Uninstall the old version of Kerio VPN Client using installer of exactly the installed version.
    • Install Kerio VPN Client 8.4.1 works as expected.
    • If the Kerio VPN Client 8.4.1 still refuses to install or run, type this command in the Terminal:
sudo rm -rf /Library/Extensions/kvnet.kext
  • Install Kerio VPN Client 8.4.1 again. Kerio VPN Client 8.4.1 is installed and Kerio VPN Client works correctly.